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Domain & Cloud Hosting

It is recommended that all businesses have a web presence; and for you to have that, you need to have your own web page up and running. It is acceptable and in the norm to have a Facebook page but at some point, you still need your own page to have creative freedom and to facilitate online shopping.

You will come across different web page requirements, such as getting a team to design the site itself, coordinating with billing gateways and testing the security of the site. All of these will be moot if you do not have a reliable and dependable web hosting service.

What is Cloud Hosting?
A new type of hosting package is called Cloud Hosting. This means that you don’t have one specific machine to act as your server. Your site is hosted across several other machines that have a load balancer shared between them. This means that in the event that one of the host machines goes down, the load is redistributed to other available machines.

Why choose Cloud Hosting?

  • Pay only for the resources that you use and occupy no flat fee whether you use the service or not (compared to dedicated hosting packages)
  • Can be expensive or can be relatively cheaper than dedicated hosting packages
  • Perfect for colocation requirements

Our Pricing/Plans

Basic Plans

1 Domain
10 Emails


unlimited Domains
Unlimited Emails


300GB Space


Cloud Hosting
100GB Space